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Steuart is Scheming...again
He's proposing massive tax hikes to make Anne Arundel less affordable.  Tell Steuart to stop his latest tax & spend scheme.


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Just like he did 4 years ago after getting elected, Steuart Pittman is again proposing massive tax hikes. His budget will increase your property taxes, your income taxes, and the taxes when you sell your home. If that wasn't enough, he's created a new Ride Share Tax when you ride share with Uber or Lyft!

All of this after record inflation has made everything cost more while we get less.

Everything Steuart Pittman does makes Anne Arundel County LESS affordable. Property tax increases hurt families on fixed-incomes and retirees especially hard. And the Ride Share Tax will make it more expensive for people without reliable transportation to get around.


Will Steuart ever stop scheming to make Anne Arundel County less affordable? 

Tell him it is time to stop.

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