Fire Ops 2018-181
Fire Ops 2018-181

IAFF Local 1563 for Volke 18x24
IAFF Local 1563 for Volke 18x24




“Serving the community where I grew up for the last three years has truly been a privilege. Raising my family in Pasadena, it is important that we protect our community from special interests and those who do not share our values. If elected, I will continue to advocate and fight to make our community stronger.”
COVID & Reopening

In 2020, I repeatedly brought legislation to the County Council to end the State of Emergency in Anne Arundel County. I vocally fought for reopening schools, churches, restaurants & bars, and businesses. In June 2021, I successfully negotiated a compromise to end the State of Emergency and ensure continued outdoor dining protections for restaurants for the remainder of 2021.

Resolution 5-21

 I was the only Republican to vote against Resolution 5-21, which said that President Trump should be permanently disqualified from ever holding office again.


Parents and teachers are the best people to decide how to educate their students and children, not bureaucrats in Washington or Annapolis. These decisions should be made by people who live, work and send their kids to school in Anne Arundel County. I will work with our new elected school board to ensure our money stays in the classroom, spent on students, where it belongs.

Public Safety, Crime & Drugs

We've seen a spike in crime in our communities, and it is being fueled by the constant attacks on law enforcement officers at all levels as well as greater mental health needs in our citizens. In 2020, I passed Resolution 2-20 that declared suicide a public health crisis and Resolution 47-20 that sought to oppose efforts to de-legitimize law enforcement officers (however, that provision was amended out by other members on the County Council). I will continue to ensure public safety officials have the resources they need to protect us.

Government Efficiency & Spending

I have voted on 3 budgets and each time voted "no" because of the out-of-control spending in each. As I explained in an Editorial, spending has outpaced income growth and will lead to more tax increases. I also led the fight to pass Resolution 36-19 that added to the Anne Arundel County Charter additional power for the County Auditor to investigate waste, fraud and abuse.

Term Limits

I believe term limits prevent entrenched politicians from remaining in office and losing touch with the constituents they serve. Thankfully, members of the County Council are already limited to two terms. Recently, proposals to allow an additional third term were introduced and defeated. If this issue comes up again, I will vote against any effort to increase or abolish the current term limits. 

Illegal Immigration

In 2019, I led the fight to keep the successful immigration screening program - 287g. That program screened inmates who had been arrested and charged with a crime to determine their immigration status, and was administered by highly trained Detention Officers in our corrections facilities. My record is clear that I fully support legal immigrants who follow the rules. However, I oppose illegal immigration and any policies that make Maryland attractive to illegal immigrants (a.k.a. "sanctuary state" for illegal immigrants). The way to stop illegal immigration is to remove incentives.

Taxes & Regulation

Working in a small business, I have seen first-hand what happens when government adds new fees and regulations. That’s why I want to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. Since I was elected in 2018, I have voted against every new tax and regulation that would hurt small businesses and limit new jobs, like the largest income and property tax increases in decades, the increase in the solid waste fee, the Rain Tax 2.0 and the ban on polystyrene (Styrofoam) products. I will continue to work to decrease the burdens of excessive taxation and regulation in Anne Arundel County. 

Development & Building

Our county has seen too much new development in the past few years. Our roads are crowded. Our classrooms are packed. We need to ensure that all new development will improve, not detract from, the lives of those of us already living here. It was these concerns that led me to vote against the General Development Plan in 2021, the once-every-decade plan that directs growth. I felt there was no plan - it was just more of the same unchecked, unplanned growth for our county and I could not support it. I will continue to carefully review any development proposals to ensure we are protecting the character of our community and the quality of life of our citizens. 

Right to Life

As a Christian,  I believe all life is precious and ordained by God. I am pro-life.

Second Amendment

As a law-abiding citizen, you have a constitutional right to own a firearm. As an NRA member, I believe in protecting the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and strongly support your right to keep and bear arms.


Our community is blessed to have so many amazing natural resources. I believe we must be good stewards of these resources. I will work to find effective ways to protect the Chesapeake Bay as well as the rivers, creeks and streams in our area.